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Trika Yoga is the spiritual tradition practiced at Nityananda Institute. It comes to us through the Tantric and Kashmir Shaivite traditions. The term "Trika" emerged from the same root as "triad" and is a yogic system aimed at transforming our understanding of the three elements of our existence: body, mind, spirit. It is the yoga that explores kundalini, which is the energy of life or the Divine as it is experienced in the individual. The practice of Trika Yoga carries the awareness of this energy to such a point that it may be grasped not only as the power of the individual self but also as the fundamental power of the infinite Self which is the source of everything. This creative energy is referred to as "dynamic stillness" and the "breath of life." Trika Yoga's basic method is about learning to release tensions and allowing the creative energy to flow unobstructed.

The method taught at Nityananda Institute has three parts. The first is our work with a teacher; the second, our private meditation and study; and the third, the process of extending the flow of our creative energy. Each aspect is absolutely necessary to inner work.

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